Kleen-Line Parts Cleaners

Model 16 Model 30 Model 34
                         30"x 24"x 8"                       36"x 29"x 7 1/2"                            36"x 29"x 17"




                              Model 81

          Model BK5/rolling cart

                  Paint Gun Cleaner

Heavy 12 ga steel, operates on 8 cfm of air at 120psi, agaiting lifts for easy loading and unloading of parts, flow threw hand held parts cleaning brush, lifts up to 250#, speed adjustable from 0 to 160 agitations per minute

removable workshelf, 150 gph pump, fire protective lid closure, rolling cart

cleans 2 spray guns and 2 pots, stainless steel construction, cleans interior and exterior, also cleans gravity feed spray guns, requires 60 to 75 psi, 10 high pressure spray jets, auto safty lid switch, cleans guns and cups in -60 secs




*  16 gauge steel, painted blue
Operates on 110v/current
Switch box on side for convieniet use
Recirculating flexible nozzel, projects thru sink

Safty fusible link automaticaly closes lid in case of fire

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